In Times Like These    (ESP 0118)   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


Circle left
*Sittin' on the front porch, rain is pouring down
News comes on the radio, there's trouble all around

Walk all around your corner, see saw your own
The men star right and you roll it along
You do a life allemande and then weave around the ring
You promenade your lady home in times like these


The heads square thru now it's 4 hands you go
Around the corner lady with a dosado
Spin chain thru and girls circulate 2
When you meet a boy you turn thru
You do a left allemande, then you walk by one
Swing the next one round and promenade on home
I thank the good Lord I've got you
In times like these


*It costs you 45 cents for a nickel candy bar
And a dollar's worth of gas, it won't even start your car

*You can read about the latest in the fashion magazine