Put Your Arms Around Me    (ESP 120)   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


Circle to the left
*Well put your arms around me honey, hold me tight
Cuddle up and cuddle up with all your might

Left allemande, turn partner by the right
4 ladies promenade inside, go walking round tonight
Turn her by the right a full turn then the corner allemande
Swing your girl around and then you promenade the land
Oh babe, I never knew any girl like you


Heads square thru 4 hands around you go
Around the corner lady with a dosado
Make a wave and then ladies trade, spin that old top
Girls move up and then everybody pass thru, do a U-turn back
Star thru and pass to the center and square thru 3
Swing that corner lady, promenade for me
Oh babe, I never knew any girl like you


*When you look at me, my heart begins to float
Then it starts to rocking like a motor boat


Oh, any girl like you