Elizabeth   (ESP 415)   Bill Harrison
Heads fan the top, ping pong circulate
Centers recycle and pass thru
Left touch 1/4, girls roll
Follow your neighbor, diamond circulate
Flip the diamond, swing thru, extend, RLG, promenade 1/4

Sides pass thru, separate around 1 to a line, up and back
Pass thru, wheel and deal, girls square thru 3
Centers in, cast off 3/4, load the boat
Girls cloverleaf, boys single circle to a wave
Extend, boys run, up and back, right & left thru
Pass thru, wheel and deal, centers square thru 2, partner trade
Clap to the rhythm (home)

Heads lead right, touch 1/4, split circulate
Follow your neighbor and spread, boys hinge, diamond circulate
Each diamond cross fire, half a split circulate, RLG
Promenade 1/4

Sides spin the top, extend, spin chain the gears
Centers walk and dodge, centers run, coordinate
Diamond circulate, cut the diamond, recycle, sweep 1/4
Up & back
Ends load the boat, centers girl walk boy dodge
Same girl turn around (home)

Heads square thru on the second hand left swing thru
Ping pong circulate, the wave trade the wave
Extend, follow your neighbor girls only spread
Load the boat, centers cloverleaf, double pass thru
Leaders trade, RLG (say whoa, you're home)

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