FIREFOX ESP 448_Plus_Vic Ceder

Bow to the partner, and the corner too

Four ladies chain ¾, circle left, walk around the corner,

see saw the partner, back to the corner with a right, dixie grand,

allemande left, promenade.

4 ladies chain, sides square thru 4, Pass the ocean, Grand swing thru,

single hinge and roll, Load the boat, box the gnat,

Right and left grand.

Heads square thru 4, Touch ¼, Scoot back, Scoot back and girls go,

Girls run, Square thru 3, wheel and deal, and centers sweep ¼,

Centers only Load the Boat, everybody pass thru, Ends cloverleaf,

Centers Load the boat, all dosado, Swing thru, twice, Boys run, Promenade home.

Heads Pass the ocean, Ping Pong Circulate, Extend,

Swing thru and spread, Chain down the line, Half sashay, Touch ¼,

Circulate, Single hinge, Fan the top, Boys run, Chain down the line,

Ladies lead Double pass thru, Centers in, Cast off ¾,

Right and left thru, Square thru 3,

Chase right, Scoot back, Right and left grand.

Heads lead right and circle to a line, Pass the ocean,

Spin Chain and exchange the gears, Boys cross run, Boys hinge,

Center 2 boys trade, Diamond circulate, Girls Trade the wave,

Diamond circulate, Boys swing thru, Cut the diamond, Bend the line,

Reverse flutter wheel, Half sashay, Right and left grand.

4 Ladies chain ¾, Sides pass thru, Separate around 1 to a line,

Centers square thru 3, all cast off ¾, Centers square thru 3,

Tag the line ¾, Center 4 swing thru, Outsides trade,

Ping pong circulate, Centers swing thru, Extend, Spin the top,

Right and left thru, Half sashay once and ½, 4 Boys touch ¼,

Boys follow your neighbor and spread, Extend, Hinge, Ladies trade,

All recycle, Pass thru, Trade by, Dixie Grand, Allemande left,


Sides lead right, Touch ¼, Scoot back, Single hinge, Ladies trade,

Swing thru, Boys run, Chain down the line, slide thru, Square thru 3,

Bow to the corner, and Whoa!