Audrey Mae - ESP 452 By Bill Harrison

4 ladies chain, 4ladies flutter wheel, Allemande, Right and Left Grand, Home

HEADS lead right, slide thru, Split Circulate 1 1/2 Twice,

flip the diamond and Roll, swing thru, Right and left grand

SIDES lead right, Swing thru, Scoot back, Hinge,

Follow Your Neighbor and Spread 3 Times, Right and Left Grand

Heads Lead right circle to a line, Near Box….Left Swing Thru

Far Box ……Touch ¼, 5 Farthest people Have a Pentagon and Circulate

Near Wave ….Left Swing Thru, 5 Farthest Pentagon Circulate

Far Box….Trade and Roll, Near Wave….Hinge and Roll

All Pass Thru, Girls Fold, Star Thru, Ferris Wheel, Double Pass Thru

Original Heads Go Left….Sides Go Right , Boys Extend..Swing Thru and Cast 3/4s, Girls face Right and Circulate 2, Allemande Left,

Right and Left Grand, Home….

Sides Lead Right Circle To A Line, Slide Thru, NEAR COLUMN…Pass

Thru, And Centers Pass Thru, NEAR Column…Track 2, FAR Column Star

Thru and Pass Thru, NEAR LINE… 1/2 Tag, Spin Chain & Exchange The

Gears, Linear Cycle, Touch 1/4, Coordinate, Circulate, FAR BOX….Leaders

Trade & Right & Left Thru, NEAR BOX….Leads U-Turn Back, Square

Thru, On 3rd Hand … Spin The Top, Right and Left Grand