RIVER MARCH – ESP 453 Plus Vocal

Steve Kopman

Heads pass the ocean, Ping Pong Circulate, Center 4 swing thru, Extend, Follow your neighbor and spread, Centers trade, Boys run right, Right and left thru but turn ¼ more, Couples circulate,

Girls hinge, Diamond circulate, Boys swing thru 1 & ¼, Pick up a girl,

Couples circulate, ½ tag, Walk and dodge, U turn back, Pass thru,

Wheel and deal, Zoom, Centers square thru, on the 3rd hand slide thru, Home.

Sides turn thru, Separate around 1 to a line, Touch ¼,

All circulate 1 ½, Girls trade and roll, and girls step back,

Boys flip the diamond, Ping pong circulate, Girls swing thru,

Girls turn thru, Boys courtesy turn the girls, Dixie style to a wave,

Boys follow your neighbor and spread, Girls face in, Extend,

Boys run, Right and left thru and turn a ¼ more, Couples circulate,

Chain down the line, Dixie style to a wave, everyone u turn back,

Right and left grand.

Sides star thru, Double pass thru, lead 2 peel off,

Any hand cast off ¾, Ends cross fold, Centers square thru 3,

Pass thru, Trade by, Swing thru, Scoot back, Boys fold and roll,

Girls swing thru once and a quarter, Girls run, Ferris wheel, centers swing thru, Others ½ sashay, Extend, Spin the top, Square thru 3, Tag the line, Face right, Centers trade, Couples circulate,

Ferris wheel and spread, Boys load the boat, Girls pass the ocean, Girls swing thru, All follow your neighbor, Girls trade, Girls run,

½ tag the line, Scoot back, Hinge, Boys trade, Turn thru,

Allemande left.

Sides star thru and square thru 3, Left touch ¼, Center 4 scoot back,

Ends u turn back, Couples circulate, Tag the line and face left,

Boys chase right as the girls circulate, Centers trade, Centers run,

New centers California twirl, Same 4 pass the ocean, Diamond circulate, The center wave swing thru, Flip the diamond,

Scoot back, Centers trade, Girls trade, Right and left thru,

Dixie style to a wave, Boys u turn back, Everyone promenade and

keep moving, Sides wheel around, Touch ¼, Coordinate,

Tag the line, Girls cloverleaf, Boys chase right, Boys hinge, Ping Pong circulate, Girls swing thru, Extend, Split circulate, Cast off ¾,

Right and left grand.

Heads star right a full turn to face your corner, Left touch ¼,

Centers trade, Centers run, Couples circulate, Boys only bend the line,

Everyone do your part ferris wheel, Boys square thru 2, Single circle ¾ to a wave, Boys trade, Swing thru double, Boys run,

Wrong way promenade home.

Heads pass the ocean, 4 boys extend to a girl, Each box of 4 circulate,

4 girls swing thru, Each box circulate, Hinge, Girls don’t move while the boys run right, Grand extend to a tidal line, 4 by 4 bend the grand line, Pass the ocean, all circulate, Split circulate twice, Right and left grand, Promenade home.