El Vaquero - ESP 455

Plus Vocal by Elmer Sheffield Jr.

Heads lead right & circle to a line

Pass thru,

Tag the line & face in,

Touch ¼,

Circulate 1 ½,

4 boys trade and roll,

Boys square thru 3 around the center girls,

girls in a diamond circulate,

While the boys partner trade,

Girls flip the diamond, and extend,

all hinge,

Boys trade and boys run,

Ferris wheel,

Centers slide thru,

You’re Home.

Sides Touch 1/4 & Side Boys Run & Roll,

Those Facing Star Thru & Girls Roll,

Boys Pass Thru,

Boys Run,

Load The Boat,

Girls Chase Right & Hinge,


Split Circulate,

Boys Trade,

Centers Turn Thru,

Ends Touch 1/4,

Centers U Turn Back,

Others Boys Run,


Heads Square Thru 4,

Swing Thru,

Boys Run,

Girls Hinge,

Diamond Circulate,

Boys Swing Thru,

Diamond Circulate,

Boys Peel Off,

Girls Linear Cycle,

Boys Bend The Line & Roll,

Girls Pass The Ocean,

Flip The Diamond,

Boys Trade,

Turn Thru,

Al _ Girls push him back home

Sides Touch 1/4 & Boys Run,

Relay The Deucey,

All Hinge,

Split Circulate 2,

Follow Your Neighbor & Spread,

Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears,

Explode Touch 1/2 (2 quarters),

Center 6 Trade (with a left),

Boys Run,


Explode The Wave,

Wheel & Deal,


Centers Square Thru On 3 Turn Thru,

Single Circle To A Wave,

Boys 1/2 Scoot Back,

Center Boys Cast 3/4,

RLG, Boys drag her back home.

Heads Pass The Ocean,

Ping Pong Circulate,

Boys Extend To Girls & recycle her,

Double Pass Thru,

Boys Peel Off & Roll,

Girls Face In,

Boys Split The Girls, First Left, Next Right Around 1 To A Line,

Center 4 Pass The Ocean,

Outsides Bend The Line,

Very Centers Trade,

Ping Pong Circulate And (Outsides) Roll,

R.L.G. Promenade 4 steps home.

Sides promenade ½

Heads pass the ocean & the head girls run

Heads as a couple extend to a 2 faced line.


All 8 circulate,

Boys run,

Centers pass thru,

8 Chain 3 ½, everybody courtesy turn,

Bow to the partner, Home