Hey Girl - ESP 470
by Steve Kopman


Walk around the corner, Partner left a dopaso, Heads dixie style to a wave, Trade the wave, Extend,

Swing thru, Spin the top, Square thru 3, Left  chase, Left hand hinge, Chain Down the line,

Girls roll the guy a half sashay, Left Allemande.

Sides pass the ocean, Ping pong circulate, Extend, Relay the deucey, Linear cycle and roll,

Coordinate, Ferris wheel, Double pass thru, Cloverleaf, Center 4 swing thru, Ping pong circulate,

Center wave swing thru, Extend, Swing thru, All circulate, Right and left grand.

Sides touch 1/4, All girls touch 1/4, Each group of 4 walk and dodge, Boys swing thru, Girls face in,

Extend, Scoot back, Girls trade, Right and left thru, Dixie style to a wave, Boys scoot back,

Girls circulate, Left swing thru, Acey deucey, Girls run, Ferris wheel, Centers swing thru,

Others 1/2 sashay, Extend twice, Right and left grand.

Sides single circle 3/4 and spread, All 8 circulate, Ends go 1/2 more, Centers chase right,

Others big Diamond circulate, Center  4 hinge, Girls cut the diamond, Boys bend the line,

Girls trade the wave, Extend, Girls trade, Left allemande.

Side ladies chain, Sides dixie style to a wave, Heads 1/2 sashay, 4 boys pass thru,

Center 4 wheel & deal & sweep 1/4, Others trade and roll, Lines pass thru, Tag the line, Right,

couples circulate, Boys in your staggered box of 4 circulate, Girls staggered box of 4 circulate,

Boys in your staggered box walk and dodge, Girls in staggered box walk and dodge,

All California twirl, Right & Left thru, Dixie style to a wave, All circulate, Boys run left,

Bend the line, Square thru 2, Right & left grand.

Heads star left to face corners, Touch 1/4, Follow your neighbor, Left swing thru & roll,

Girls square thru 3, Left touch 1/4, Boys cross run & roll, Girls walk & dodge, Girls cloverleaf,

Boys square thru 3, Girls courtesy turn the boys and roll them a 1/2 sashay, Pass thru,

Tag the line, All cloverleaf, Center 4 pass thru, Swing thru, Girls trade, Left allemande.

Sides pass the ocean, Extend, Spin the top, Turn thru, Courtesy turn, 1/2 sashay once & half more,

Boys square thru 3, Left touch 1/4, Acey deucey, Girls run, Ferris wheel, Centers wheel around,

Touch 1/4, Follow your neighbor into a dopaso, Boys swing into allemande thar, Slip the cluctch,

Allemande left, Alamo style, Original heads scoot back, Original sides scoot back, Boys run right,

Left allemande, Promenade home, Bow to the partner & the corner, Your through.


Heads wheel thru, Recycle, Lockit, Single wheel & roll, Girls peel off, Right & left grand.

Sides spin the top, Chain reaction, Scoot chain thru, In roll circulate, 1/4 thru,

Switch the wave & roll, Girls cross trail thru, Pass & roll your neighbor, Girls run,

Trade circulate, Chain down the line, Dixie style to a wave, All U turn back, Right & left grand.

Sides square chain thru, Heads 1/2 sashay, Touch 1/4, Out roll circulate, Boys left 1/4 thru,

Boys start left 3/4 thru, Girls slither, Ferris wheel, Centers cross trail thru, Swing thru,

In roll circulate, Scoot chain thru, Extend, Spin the windmill Left, Left swing thru, Girls run,

Trade circulate, Turn & deal, Right & left grand.

Heads pair off, Slide thru, Touch 1/4, Split transfer, Centers trade, Centers run, Couples circulate,

As couples box transfer, Boys single wheel, Boys split the girls all the way through,

Girls do your part mini busy, Boys zig zag, Girls start a 1/4 thru, Each wave swing thru,

Boys in your box circulate, Girls trade, In your wave centers trade, Boys don't move & girls run,

Lines forward & back, Pass thru, Turn & deal, Dixie grand, Left allemande.

Sides touch 1/4, Girls touch 1/4, Each group of 4 split circulate, Boys left 1/4 thru,

Cut the diamond & roll, Double pass thru, Girls trade, Pass & roll your neighbor & spread,

Single wheel, Right & left grand.

Sides pass the sea, Extend, Left swing & mix & girls roll, Boys box counter rotate & spread,

Girls cross trail thru, Girls as couples & to your right all cast a shadow, Girls pass the ocean,

Flip the diamond, Lock it, Single wheel, All square thru on 3rd hand touch 1/4, Boys cross,

Right & left grand.

Sides flutter wheel, Sides reverse swap around, Clover & double star thru, Touch 1/4, In roll circulate,

Scoot back, All motivate, Boys fold, Double pass thru, Zag Zag, Couples circulate, Cast a Shadow,

Right & left grand.

Heads reverse flutter wheel & heads swap around, Separate around 1 to a line, Touch 1/4,

Transfer the column boys hold the wave after the cast 3/4, Boys left swing thru, Ping pong circulate &

the boys roll, Girls lock it, Girls single wheel, All pass thru, Boys ends bend, Split square thru 3 &

1/2,Follow your neighbor, Single wheel, Right & left grand. Bow to the partner and whoa.