Hammertime - ESP 473
Steve Kopman calling A2 2 couple

Bow to the partner, and to the opposite,

Right & left thru & courtesy 1/4 more, Ladies hinge, Flip the diamond,

Boys trade, Boys run, Bend the line, Home.

Pass the sea, Left swing & mix & roll, Double pass thru,

Boys right roll to a wave, All circulate, Scoot and weave, Boys run,

Turn & deal, Box the gnat, Square chain thru, Partner trade, Home.

Single circle to a wave, lock it, spin the top & spread, mix & roll,

GIRLS pass thru, pass and roll, box counter rotate, girls U-turn back,

You're home.

Square chain thru, single wheel & boys roll, GIRLS single circle to a wave,

diamond circulate, cut the diamond, girls run, crossfire, Peel & trail,

right and left thru, at home.

Pass the sea, LEFT swing thru & girls roll, GIRLS touch 1/4,

LEFT swing thru & spread, lock it, explode and square chain thru,

ASSUME EIGHT CHAIN eight chain 3, at home.

Right and left thru and a quarter more, slip, 3/4 tag the line,

girls U-turn back, scoot and weave, fan the top, explode and touch 1/4,

girls cross, left chase, girls run, at home.

Double star thru, right roll to a wave, swing thru & spread,

chain down the line, dixie style to a wave, mix, girls run, turn and deal,

at home.

LEFT touch 1/4, ASSUME WAVES, swing thru & roll,

ASSUME DPT double pass thru, HEADS right roll to a wave,

swing thru, hinge, box transfer, circulate, scoot and weave,

ASSUME 1/4 TAGS, scoot back, slide thru, at home.

Cross trail thru, single wheel & boys roll, BOYS cast off 3/4,

follow your neighbor, fan the top, turn thru, courtesy turn,

dixie style to a wave, explode, at home.

Box the gnat, ALL DO CENTERS PART: Load the boat 3/4, pass the ocean,

swing thru & roll, BOYS pass thru, pass and roll, circulate, peel and trail,

LEFT swing thru, ASSUME 1/4 TAGS { LEFTY } follow your neighbor,

boys run RIGHT, at home.

Pass the ocean, slip, ASSUME 1/4 TAGS ping-pong circulate,

ASSUME 1/4 TAGS scoot and weave, ASSUME WAVES trade circulate,

circulate, quarter thru, girls run, turn and deal & sweep 1/4,

Bow to the partner, We're all through.