Eruption - ESP 479
by Tom Miller & Bill Harrison

Thanks to the many friends who made this recording possible!

Circle left, Allemande left, All 8 Spin the top, All 8 Spin the top again, Box the gnat with partner,

Pull by, Allemande left, Right & left grand, Promenade home.

Heads forward & back, Heads wheel around & promenade 1/4, Sides square thru 3, Slide thru,

Pass the ocean, Swing thru, Girls fold, Peel the top, Grand swing thru, Hinge, Boys run,

Reverse flutter wheel & sweep 1/4, Pass thru, Wheel & Deal, Dixie Grand, Allemande left, Promenade.

Sides pass the ocean, Extend, Swing thru, Acey Deucey, Girls fold, Peel off & Roll, Double Pass thru,

Ladies partner trade & Roll, Girls load the boat & Roll, Boys Chase right, Boys trade & Roll, Forward & Back,

Pass thru, Tag the line, Face right, Couples circulate, Girls hinge, Diamond circulate, Cut the diamond,

Boys run right, Right & Left grand, Promenade.

Sides lead right, Circle to a line, Left touch 1/4, Co-ordinate, Couples circulate, Boys trade, Boys run,

Fan the top, Recycle, Slide thru, Left touch 1/4 & girls roll, Follow your neighbor, Diamond circulate,

Boys swing thru, Cut the diamond, Bend the line, Pass thru, Wheel & Deal, Centers square thru 3,

Centers In, Cast off 3/4, Load the boat, Centers cloverleaf, Others square thru 3, Slide thru,

Girls trade, Boys trade, All Circulate, Cast off 3/4, Centers trade, Pass thru, Partner trade & Roll, Right & Left grand, Promenade.

Heads left square thru 4, Left touch 1/4, Follow your neighbor & Spread, Boys trade, Linear cycle & Roll,

Triple scoot, Co-ordinate girls meet and do nothing, Girls hinge, Diamond circulate, Boys swing thru, Flip the diamond,

Fan the top, Linear cycle & Roll, Left swing thru & Spread, Centers trade, Girls fold, Double pass thru,

Face right, Ferris wheel, Centers reverse wheel around, Pass to the center, Centers Right & Left thru,

Centers Slide thru, Home.