Rock, Paper, Scissors - ESP 480
Steve Kopman & Darryl Lipscomb

Steve & Darryl calling A2

Bow to the partner, the corner too, Heads turn thru, Separate around 1 to a line, Right & left thru,

Dixie style to a wave, Boys 1/4 thru, Cut the diamond & everybody roll, Double pass thru,

Zig Zag, Right & left grand.

Sides pass the ocean, Chain reaction & spread, Girls 1/4 thru, Cut the diamond, Boys run,

Couples circulate 1 & 1/2, Bend the line, Home.

Sides pass the sea, Extend & Left swing thru & Boys roll, Girls box counter rotate, Girls trade & spread, All 8 circulate,

Girls go 1/2 more, Boys single wheel & roll, Wave of 6 Grand swing thru, Girls diamond circulate,

Boys working thru the diamond Explode & Touch 1/4 & slide apart, All hourglass circulate, Flip the hourglass,

Lockit, Right & left thru & turn 1/4 more, Girls trade, Couples circulate, Mini Busy, Extend,

Swing thru, Recycle 2 times, Acey deucey, Turn thru, Allemande left, Square your set.

Sides pass thru & single wheel, Same 4 double pass thru, Girls go left, Boys go right,

Around 1 to a line, Right & left thru & courtesy turn 1/4 more, Girls remake, Boys circulate, Couples circulate,

Bend the line, Pass the ocean, Explode the wave, Wheel & Deal, Centers Fan the top & recycle, Home.

Heads touch 1/4 & that boy cross, Pass & roll your neighbor & just the boys spread, Any hand 1/4 thru,

Square chain thru but don't do the turn thru, Girls run, Ferris wheel, Centers swap around,Touch 1/4,

Scoot & weave, Girls run, Bend the line, Ends face in, Home

Heads pass thru, Separate around to a line, Pass thru, Turn & deal & girls roll, Girls scoot & weave, Boys 1/2 sashay,

Extend, All 1/4 thru, Switch to a Diamond, 6x2 acey deucey, Cut the diamond, Mini busy & girls roll,

Boys mix, All Diamond circulate, Girls mix, Cut the diamond, Boys run, Couples circulate, Turn & deal, Right & left grand.

Sides star thru & spread, Touch 1/4, Circulate, Grand 1/4 thru, Center wave lockit, Others single wheel,

Wave of 4 swing thru, Same 4 explode and everyone pull by, Wheel & deal, Girls swap around, All touch 1/4,

Acey Deucey, Boys run, Ferris wheel, Centers sweep 1/4, Home.

Sides wheel thru, Right & left thru, Veer left, Girls 1/4 thru, Diamond circulate, Boys swing thru 1 & 1/4 (pick up girl),

Cross over circulate, Turn & deal, Touch 1/4, Centers trade, In roll circulate twice, Explode the wave, Step & slide,

Right roll to a wave, Swing thru, Scoot chain thru, Out roll circulate, Slip, 1/4 thru, All 8 circulate,

In roll circulate, Boys run, Left allemande, Settle at home.

Sides touch 1/4 & cross, All touch 1/4 & cross, Centers trade, Any hand swing thru, Girls cross fold & roll,

Split square thru on the 4th hand left touch 1/4, Slip, Slide, Slither, Ferris wheel, Centers step to a wave,

Chain reaction, Right & left grand.

4 ladies chain, Heads dixie style to a wave, Boys diagonally pass thru, Center 4 wheel & deal, Center 4 swap around,

Others trade & roll, Split square chain thru but don't do the turn thru, Instead switch the wave, trade circulate,

Couples circulate 1 & 1/2, Bend the line, Bow to the partner & corner too, we're through!