Hey Cuz - ESP 481
by Elmer Sheffield Jr & Darryl Lipscomb


Heads Square thru 4

slide thru

Pass thru

Tag the line

Clover leaf, start looking for the partner

Right & Left grand.

Heads Slide Thru,

All 1/2 Zoom,

Centers Square Thru 3,

Ends Move along, meet & Star Thru,

Centers In & Cast Off 3/4,

Star Thru,


Centers Square Thru On 3 Slide Thru,


Sides Pass The Ocean & Swing Thru,


Split Circulate,

Fan The Top & Spread,

With a left hand Hinge,

All 1/2 Zoom,

Explode The Wave,

Wheel & Deal,

Centers Girls Walk Boys Dodge,

Centers Face In,


Heads Left Touch 1/4,

Girls 1/2 Zoom & Hinge,

Boys Touch 1/4,

Centers Trade,

Boys Run,

Pass The Ocean,

All Circulate,

Explode & Slide Thru & Centers Roll


Sides Turn Thru,

Separate Around 1 To A Line,

Slide Thru,

Square Thru On 4 Left Touch 1/4,

All 8 Circulate,

All 1/2 Zoom (girls peeling),

All 8 Circulate,

Boys Run,

1/2 Tag,

Split Circulate 1 & 1/2,

Girls with right hand Trade,

Flip The Diamond,


Heads Square Thru On 3 Slide Thru,

1/2 Zoom,

Centers Square Thru 3,

Ends Fold,

Pass Thru,

Trade By

Bow to the corner and whoa right there.