Bourbon Street Patter - ESP 484
by Steve Kopman

Bow to the partner, the corner too, Heads left square thru 4, Sides 1/2 Sashay, Left touch 1/4, Centers cast off 3/4,

In your diamond just the boys circulate, 2 faced line wheel & deal & sweep 1/4, Lines forward & back, Touch 1/4,

Coordinate, Tag the line, Girls cloverleaf, Boys chase right, Boys hinge, Ping pong circulate, Extend, Hinge,

Right & left grand.

Sides lead right, Right & left thru, Flutter wheel & Sweep 1/4 & individually roll, Coordinate, Bend the line,

Touch 1/4, very center 2 boys on the diagonal Pass thru, Centers in & Cast off 3/4, New Centers Pass the ocean,

Flip the diamond, Boys trade, Forward & back, Single circle to a wave, Fan the top, Boys run, Promenade home.

Heads touch 1/4, Girls touch 1/4, Each group of 4 Walk & dodge, Boys Swing thru, Flip the diamond,

Girls pass the ocean, New diamonds Flip the diamond, All 8 circulate, Spin the top, Spin the top again, Boys run,

Couples circulate, Chain down the line, Pass thru, Wheel & deal, Zoom, Centers veer left & Bend the line, Home.

Sides flutter wheel & sweep 1/4 & Spread, Pass thru, Wheel & deal, Girls pass thru, Square thru boys 3 Girls 4,

Boys cloverleaf, Girls Partner trade & spread, Forward & back, Girls Load the boat, Boys touch 1/4,

Boys follow your neighbor & Spread, Boys explode the wave, Boys centers in, Boys run, all square thru girls 2 Boys 3,

Girls cloverleaf, Boys Partner trade, Double pass thru, Only the boys peel off, Any Hand cast off 3/4, Girls pass thru,

Boys cross fold, Single circle 3/4 to a wave, Acey deucey, Swing thru, Boys run right, Tag the line, girls go left, Boys go right,

Allemande left, Promenade home.

Sides pass the ocean, All 4 boys extend to a girl, Each box circulate two spots, Same box scoot back 2 times,

Each box walk & dodge, Girls partner trade, All promenade keep moving, Boys wheel around, Right & left thru,

Who leads dixie style to a wave, Trade the wave, Boys run, Pass the ocean, All 8 circulate,

Swing thru, Acey Deucey, Right & left grand.

Sides touch 1/4 & spread, All 8 circulate, While the boys chase right, Girls split circulate twice, Centers of each wave trade,

Girls trade, All right & left thru & courtesy turn 1/4 more, Ferris wheel, centers sweep 1/4, Home.

Sides reverse single circle 3/4 & spread, Girls distorted box circulate, Centers pass the ocean, Cut the diamond,

Swing thru, Scoot back, Follow your neighbor & Spread, Explode the wave, Tag the line, Leads turn back, Right & Left grand.

Heads pass thru, Separate around 2 to a line, Touch 1/4, Girls diagonally Pass thru, Center 4 Square thru 3,

Others u turn back, Left touch 1/4, Centers trade, Centers run, Couples circulate, Boys distorted box circulate,

Girls distorted box circulate, Boys distorted box walk & dodge, Girls distorted box walk & dodge,

all Uturn back, Pass thru, Wheel & deal, Dixie grand, Allemande left, Bow to the partner and whoa.