I Never See Maggie Alone   ( Jopat 121 )   Elmer Sheffield, Jr.


The four little ladies chain
Turn the girls around and circle left
Four ladies roll away, circle left that way
Allemande the corner, weave the ring
Weave it in and out until you meet again
Swing your girl and promenade and then
She brings her father, her mother, her sister and brother
Oh I never see Maggie alone


Heads square thru while the sides roll away
do sa do whatever you got
Swing thru tonight, let the boys run to the right
Make a line and do the right and left thru
Pass thru, wheel and deal, centers wheel around
Swing your corner, promenade on around
She brings her uncles, her cousins, she's got'em by the dozens
I never see Maggie alone