Oh Lonesome Me   (Jopat 219)   Joe Porritt

OPENER    Basic

Circle left
Everybody's going out and having fun
I'm just a fool for staying home and having none

Left allemande that corner, come home and dosado
Men star left in the middleturn it once around you go
Turn your partner by the right and you go left allemande
Come back and 
swing your lady, promenade go around that land
I can't get over how you set me free
Oh lonesome me
FIGURE (twice for heads, twice for sides)    C4, corner progression

1 & 3 promenade outside halfwaylead to the rightcircle 4
Break and make a line, go forward up and back
She'll dance with you
Bend that line and square thru 2 hands and trade by
Swing that corner lady, promenade I cry
I can't get over how you set me free
Oh lonesome me

Sides face, grand square
Well I'll bet she's not like me, she's out and fancy free
Flirtin' with the boys with all her charms
But I still love her so, and buddy don't you know
I'd welcome her right back here in my arms

Circle left
Well there must be some way I can lose these lonesome blues
Forget about the past

Left allemande and promenade

Oh lonesome me