Standing On The Edge Of Love   (Jopat 327)   Mark Turner


4 ladies promenade go once around the ring
Get back home and 
swing your man, everybody swing
Join handscircle to the left go moving around
Allemande left your corner and weave the ring
You've got me standing on the edge of love
Swing your lady around and promenade your love
Wouldn't take too much to give this heart a share
I'm standing on the edge of love
FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Head 2 couples promenade halfway round the ring
Down the middlesquare thru 4 hands around I sing
Go all the way around, then do a 
right & left thru
Veer left and ferris wheel you do
You're gonna 
square thru go 3/4 round the ring
Swing the corner lady and you promenade I sing
I can't think, I can't talk
Get a little dizzy when I try to walk
Lordy, lordy, what you do to me