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Welcome to ESP!

Elmer Sheffield Productions was founded in 1980 by Elmer Sheffield Jr., to provide quality music to square dance callers. Some of the world's best callers have recorded on the ESP label. To date, over 450 titles have been produced, and new music is added every month.

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New Releases from ESP

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Now, in addition to the ESP Classic Patter package (30 of ESP's patter classics for $85), we have a 10-Song You-Pick-'Em singing call package for $40. See the Packages page for details and ordering info

We Have Records!

Record Stack Record Stack

Elmer still has many ESP releases on vinyl, just taking up shelf space. If you're still using records and would like to expand your repertoire a bit, or if you've got some well-used favorites that could use replacing, contact Elmer directly to find out what he has available. He's willing to part with them for $5 per copy, plus shipping costs.

Top Downloads
(as of 2017-03-23)

Since April, 2014This yearThis Month
  1. ESP 434 - BJH (Patter) (2-couple vocal)
  2. ESP 433 - Rivers Of Babylon (Patter)(A2 vocal recorded live)
  3. ESP 428 - BLT (Patter)
  4. ESP 1166 - Play That Funky Music
  5. ESP 429 - Jailhouse Jump (Patter)
  6. ESP 435 - JonMark (Patter)
  7. ESP 439 - Foghorn (Patter)
  8. ESP 438 - Uptown Hoedown (Patter)
  9. ESP 432 - Dead or Alive (Patter)
  10. ESP 436 - Funky Music (Patter)
  1. ESP 1170 - Put A Little Love In Your Heart
  2. ESP 354 - Have I Told You Lately
  3. ESP 441 - Sunny Hoedown (Patter)(A2 vocal)
  4. ESP 440 - Bonanza (Patter) (A2 vocal)
  5. ESP 433 - Rivers Of Babylon (Patter)(A2 vocal recorded live)
  6. ESP 429 - Jailhouse Jump (Patter)
  7. ESP 439 - Foghorn (Patter)
  8. ESP 1169 - Sunshine In The Rain
  9. ESP 428 - BLT (Patter)
  10. ESP 430 - Milo (Patter) (A2 vocal)
  1. ESP 1080 - Long Black Train
  2. ESP 1146 - A Walk In the Irish Rain
  3. ESP 1029 - I Just Want To Dance With You
  4. ESP 421 - Boogie Beat (Patter)
  5. ESP 429 - Jailhouse Jump (Patter)
  6. ESP 433 - Rivers Of Babylon (Patter)(A2 vocal recorded live)
  7. ESP 1077 - It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
  8. ESP 1107 - That'll Be The Day
  9. ESP 1112 - Kawliga
  10. ESP 1262 - Elvira
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